GIOPATO&COOMBES x Milano Design Week 2020

“Let’s share a moment together to marvel at the beauty of nature thriving undisturbed in this strange, supernatural reality. With our presentation we strive to bring warmth and light into the darkness.”



Cristiana & Christopher



As a consequence of the COVID-19 emergency Milan Design Week has been cancelled, inspiring Giopato&Coombes to introduce two enlightening new product installations within a digital reality.


We are living in a strange world. Life as we knew it was gone in a mere moment, the world has transformed itself and we are struggling to see the light in these dark, uncertain times.

Yet if we look outside the window nature is thriving and blooming undisturbed, pregnant with life within a super-natural world. As we slow down to its rhythm, we find the space to discover our inner world, to daydream, and make “real” time to connect with our families and feel their warmth.


Feelings of intimacy and vibrancy pervade & define our presentation. It mirrors the supernatural reality we are living in, as nature gently takes over with a vitality that brings hope for the future.