Since April 1st 2020 we are donating 3% of our revenue to Médecins Sans Frontiers for a period of 6 months, until October 1st 2020, towards containing the worldwide Covid-19 emergency.


Every day our thoughts are with those who are suffering, those who have died and those who are fighting on the front line against the Covid-19 virus to guarantee our health. We are all together in this. Personally, we feel urged to sustain health services where help is needed the most, in a united way that crosses borders and continents, by converting our thoughts and core beliefs into action.


We chose Médecins Sans Frontiers as they are internationally based with experience in epidemics and in this unprecedented time, they are supporting health services around the world to contain the spread of Covid-19. Their activities are divided across the world in countries including Afghanistan, Belgium, Burkina Faso, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain and Syria amongst many others. Please find more about their work here.


We always strive to create magic and joy with our lights and now, together with you, we can unite to sustain worldwide health right now and in the coming months.