Giopato & Coombes



Behind the EYES

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A lamp doesn’t just light up space. For us, it is a creation that connects eyes, heart, and mind. We believe that light can awaken dreams, crystalizing time if only for a moment. With our projects we love to light up the world with wonder, helping everyone to create a living space that arouses an emotional impact, a memory, full of magical wonder. This is the Supernatural Daydream.

Daydreaming from our EVERYDAY

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One day we were walking along the South Bank in London, surrounded by hundreds of soap bubbles, and we tried to catch them like in our childhood dream of B.F.G by Roald Dahl. We dragged that emotion into the physical state of a lighting creation, by crystallizing it with noble materials like glass and brass, like a counterbalance between material and light waves. And then, the light turns on. With eyes wide open it is like magic evoked in our everyday, like being children again.