Giopato & Coombes

A majestic chandelier with brass details

Monograph Freedom Square
Location: Georgia

Designer: Proact Studio 

At Monograph Freedom Square you can find an exquisite example of luxury in the boutique hotel industry. A place where the past, present, and future meets.

A focal point in the design is the staircase. The banister was inspired by the original rails, which were then re-designed to be simpler, preserving the authentic look, and making it more modern. 

A custom-made twenty-nine-meter vertical chandelier is acting as a true “backbone” of the spiral staircase. Stretched to connect the ground to the sky, making it the tallest chandelier in the history of Giopato & Coombes. Custom-made exclusively for Monograph Hotel in collaboration with Proact Studio. This sculptural chandelier celebrates one of the precious national treasures - the Georgian language is written in the old Georgian alphabet, a mystical poem rich in numerological symbolism and biblical references.