In 2014 we were missing something.  We imagined a more fluid approach to design. A form of total creation from brief to market. We saw the world ever more connected and wanted to embrace positivity. We imagined products born from supernatural daydreams where everything is possible. But can we write our own story?

First we had to go off the beaten track and break free from the Italian design establishment. Empowering our own independence. But who is going to trust us? What do we need to learn? How do we find the right artisans for our projects?

So we began as always by designing, but we needed a product that would unite our passion, both intuitive and rational.

We chose lighting due to the surprise of the immaterial, the multisensorial object that can become magical.

And straight into the exhibition with 2 weeks to develop the LED light bulb because we had to dip future into the heritage of Murano glass blowing.

In this process we have learnt that we must explore our individual talents without boundaries. It is necessary to evolve and not repeat the same design cycles of the last 50 years. Today we have many routes to market and methods to express ourselves as designers.

We are finally independent, exploring new territories, creating connections that promote human dialogue and expertise, one light at a time.

Cristiana Giopato & Christopher Coombes


Passion is our only compass.

As an architect and designer we have learnt one thing fast: don’t be afraid of the potential of a blank sheet of paper, which is the darkness when designing light. Out of the blue in 2014 we found ourselves not only designing but also developing and producing our own ideas, with a 2 week deadline following a 6 month journey through the backstreets of Murano, for an exhibition in Milan. It was an unbelievable time which saw us open a huge can of worms! With so many expertise to deal with, it was like two jugglers shifting in the air, directed by passion.


This passion drives us to ardently create, to tirelessly, persistently investigate into the correct mix of ingredients. The path towards reality is not linear, it is more like a quest, like dungeons and dragons, researching into dangerous potions of materials, machinery and technology each directed by a master Venetian artisan.

This passion pushes us to take the risk to choose new technologies, to create something unconventional not seen before, even if at first glance you have the impression it belongs to your past. This passion keeps us alive!


The light turns on and with eyes wide open it feels like magic, like being children again.

This was a turning point for us in our career as designers.  An Indian lady with a beautiful Sari came to our exhibition in London and described this moment as she saw our lamps for the first time. Full of joy, almost tears.  This is why we love designing for people.


As we wander around the streets of London or Venice or even in our past there are special moments that make a strong aesthetic impact upon us, that we connect to certain lighting conditions and emotional states, like when we were walking along the South Bank surrounded by hundreds of huge soap bubbles. We try and catch them like the dreams in the B.F.G by Roahl Dahl.

These inspirations are dragged towards the physical state by crystallizing them with noble materials, like a counter balance between material and lightwaves. It is like joining sculpture to experiments into the light phenomenon.


We design in layers, merging the excellence of Venetian artisanal manufacturing with the most advanced light engines.

Glass, brass and marble amongst others are the first concrete representations of our heritage.A closer look shows the complete obsession of details, which makes the object appear to float in the space, and in time. This is possible through hidden inserts of advanced materials and techniques, such as kevlar, aeronautical grade stainless steel and 3d printing.


Light adds a heavenly layer onto the work by emitting positive energy onto both the sculpture and its surrounding. The light source is hidden, protected from view, the delicate heart and soul of the object, is somewhat celestial.

We try and disorient in the final layer of Time. A hyperloop that is difficult to pinpoint with lightwaves from the future bouncing off centuries of heritage.


We aim to create objects that resist the whims of fashion and trends.

We see an object as a treasure of knowledge, it encloses our latest vision, representing the talents of our international team working in our Studio mixed with the Venetian artisanal expertise passed along from one generation to another.


We enjoy getting to know your needs and desires as our products are open to bespoke interpretations. Together we can imagine possible new solutions, according to your world! This dialog is another important moment of human exchange within our design culture.


Then the moment comes to send you our product, it’s like opening a birdcage and leaving it free to fly! We love thinking about the new human connection created by our lamps all around the world that light up the darkness, depending on the time zone.

So you become the safe haven of our Supernatural Daydream, and we ask you to guard it through the passage of time.