Humans are dreamers by nature, and dreams take time and care to come true. Our mission is to evoke daydreams by creating bespoke lighting sculptures. A path through excellence, research, and innovation allows us to dream big and imagine the impossible. We are always eager to discover creative hearts, learn from each other, and grow together.

What we value

Our philosophy is a balance of KNOWLEDGE, HUMILITY and COURAGE to face everyday challenges in a constant and broad learning approach.

Our commitment is to create a sustainable and inclusive workplace based on ACTIVE LISTENING, RESPECT and a sense of BELONGING.

Our team is made up of DRIVEN, PASSIONATE and OPTIMISTIC people.

Open positions

Senior Product Development Specialist

We are looking for a Senior Product Development Specialist, dedicated to product engineering, who wishes to push beyond his/her/their design limits.

He/she/they will join our dream team in our technical office, focusing on product development & industrialization activities. He/she/they will ensure product development by transforming concepts into producible items in compliance with regulations, cost-effectiveness, and quality-defined standards.

Head of Administration and Control

Giopato & Coombes is looking for a Head of Administration and Control for our administrative team. The right person loves organization and planning.

In his/her role, he/she will deal with accounting and tax management, preparation of balance sheets and budgets, facing his/her responsibilities with a critical and constructive approach.