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The minimal exterior hides an internal architecture manufactured with clockwork precision for extreme LED cooling.
The SoftSpot LED warm white bulb emits 75% light downwards for focused direct lighting and 25% upwards for low indirect lighting. The result is a soft interior atmosphere from a pure form.
The SoftSpot lamp is 100% designed and custom-made from the ceiling plate to the LED bulb. The single internal wheel component fuses together heat-sink, socket and cable block functions whilst allowing light to pass through.

Proprietary LED Source
9W 2700K 500mA


Dimming Options

Phase Cut
1-10 Volt


Electrical Specifications

CE: 220-240v 50-60Hz
North American Wiring: 110v 60Hz
Softspot Pendants are UL Listed





brushed brass
brushed bronze
blackened brass
brushed nickel
polished nickel

Softspot Pendant


Dimensions: Ø7.5 x H55cm
Weight: ~1 kg

Softspot Wall Horizontal


Dimensions: W9.5 x D18.5 x H9.5 cm
Weight: ~1 kg

Softspot Wall Vertical 27


Dimensions: W9.5 x D21 x H27 cm
Weight: ~1 kg

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