Moonstone 1
Moonstone 2
Moonstone 3
Moonstone 4
Moonstone 5


Moonstone is a collection of multifaceted pendant lamps inspired by organic rock sculptures: horseshoe-shaped, oval-looking, elongated or facet dome. With the simplicity of their pure design, they summon our most true, uncontaminated thoughts and emotions.

The lamps emit a soft, down-streaming light flow, whilst their opaque, faceted silhouettes become sculptural when teased by rays of light. Their stems are composed of brushed brass rods enclosing white fabric cables.

Light Source (not included)
E27 Lightbulb, maximum 21W
GU10 Lightbulb, maximum 8,3Ws




Electrical Specifications

CE: 220-240V 50-60Hz
North American Wiring: 110-120V 50-60Hz


Handmade fiberglass
thermoformed glass
thermoformed acrylic



brushed brass
brushed bronze
blackened brass
brushed nickel

Moonstone Arch


Dimensions: W48 x D22 x H84cm
Weight: ~4.1 kg

Moonstone Nest


Dimensions: W42 x D37 x H90cm
Weight: ~4.6 kg

Moonstone Shell


Dimensions: W70 x D25 x H75cm
Weight: ~4.8 kg

Moonstone Dome 70


Dimensions: W70 x D67 x H75cm
Weight: ~7.5 kg

Moonstone Dome
Linen 90


Dimensions: W90 x D82 x H77cm
Weight: ~10.5 kg

Moonstone Dome
Linen 140


Dimensions: W140 x D125 x H100cm
Weight: ~21.9 kg

Moonstone Circular
Chandelier 02


Dimensions: Ø88 x H111 cm
Weight: ~21 kg

Moonstone Circular
Chandelier 03


Dimensions: Ø105 x H101 cm
Weight: ~25 kg

Moonstone Linear
Chandelier 03


Dimensions: W147 x D47 x H110 cm
Weight: ~23 kg

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