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Cascade 3
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cirque portfolio slide budri
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Lamps with slender thread-like structures in brushed brass, that change form to create infinite geometric compositions. The figure, suggesting circus gear, is interrupted by capsules that project continuous light. Each capsule, made in ribbed glass with extremities in brass, crafted with a lathe using a very refined technique that starts with a solid block of the material, conceals light guides used in the automotive sector that make it possible to connect the LEDs contained in the ends of the capsule, conducting the light along the entire length.

Proprietary LED Source
9W 2700K 500mA per light tube


Dimming Options

Phase Cut
1-10 Volt


Electrical Specifications

CE: 220-240v 50-60Hz
North American Wiring: 110-120v 50-60Hz


borosilicate glass



brushed brass

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Vertical 10

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Vertical 20

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Vertical 40

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Vertical 60

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Vertical 120

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Horizontal 40

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Horizontal 60

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Horizontal 75

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Horizontal 90

Cirque Pendant Ellipse Horizontal 120

Cirque Chandelier Skyline Small

Cirque Chandelier Skyline Medium

Cirque Chandelier Gradient Small

Cirque Chandelier Gradient Medium

Cirque Chandelier Gradient Large

Cirque Chandelier Weave Small

Cirque Chandelier Weave Medium

Cirque Chandelier Weave Large

Cirque Chandelier Pivot Medium

Cirque Chandelier Pivot Large

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