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Soffio is a lamp of simple and elegant design, characterized by the contrast between the evanescence of one blow that generates the sphere of glass and the solidity of the structure that supports it: as light as a soap bubble, the sphere floating in the air, surrounds the light source.
It’s just one blow, but it has to be perfect! Heart and structure of the project, the LED source, an high-quality technology extremely efficient, that emanates a warm and suffused light, in contrast with the minimal shape of the lamp.

Proprietary LED Source
9W 2700K 500mA


Dimming Options

Phase Cut
1-10 Volt


Electrical Specifications

CE: 220-240v 50-60Hz
North American Wiring: 110v 60Hz
Soffio Pendants are UL Listed





brushed brass
brushed bronze
blackened brass
brushed nickel

Soffio Pendant
01 Small

Soffio Pendant
02 Large

Soffio Wall 02
Vertical Short

Soffio Wall
03 Vertical Long

Soffio Wall
01 Horizontal

Soffio Floor
02 Tall

Soffio Floor
01 Short

Soffio Table

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