Design Duo

Giopato & Coombes. Two people, in love with “making” projects. An architect and a designer. A woman and a man, she is Italian and he is English. Two individuals, intuition and reason: a multitude of visions. Contamination and fusion. One studio: design and architecture, graphics and production, because interdisciplinarity is the fuel that generates creative development.


Christopher Coombes

Christopher works calmly and logically. He uses design to challenge today’s production limitations, in a relentless search for innovation. He pushes industrial processes to their sculptural limits and tries to reduce the impact of industrial repetition. His latest research into industrial variation extends the more with less approach which unlocks ever more possibilities of expression.

What is the best part about being a designer?

Other than arguing with my wife? I enjoy very much the path towards the final design. Unfortunately it is rarely linear, and it is based on many small decisions that plough through thoughts and ideas. I like forcing the brain to construct a project as best it can, combining benefits that weave between each element and eliminate a sense of layers or divisions within the project.

Cristiana Giopato

Cristiana works passionately, she loves to overturn stereotypes and search for unusual connections. When beginning a new project she loves to identify fixed points and then try to break them. The functionality is a necessary condition, aesthetics, however, is an added value, which cannot be ignored because it gets you into the heart of people.

What is the best part about being a designer?

“I love the combination of the instinctive/intuitive/irrational approach during the act of creation and the necessary pragmatism in order for the project to become an industrial reality. It is a constant unstable equilibrium.”


When approaching a new project they immerse themselves in the perspectives and perceptions of both the client and it’s customer, in order to find new solutions that can create meaningful connections between the two.
Clients that have already commissioned the studio include Living Divani, Kenzo, Design Within Reach, Fiam Italia, Lema, Miniforms, Industreal and Glass Idromassaggi. They are regularily involved in design conferences and their products can be seen in exhibitions and publications around the world.

Exhibitions and Awards

Interior innovation Selection, 2014
New Italian Design, The Cannery, San Francisco, 2013
Young & Design Award, 2° Prize, 2013
Creative Couples, MACRO, Rome, 2012
Young & Design Award, Special Mention, 2011.
The New Italian Design, Istanbul, 2011.
Uncovered Exhibition, Piazza San Sempliciano, Milan 2010.
La mano del Designer Exhibition, FAI, Villa Necchi, Milan 2010.
Design Addicted Exhibition – Fuori Salone, Milan 2010.
Hidden Heroes, SuperstudioPiù, Milan 2009.
Prime Cup Exhibition, Triennale di Milano, 2008.
D come Design Exhibition, Turin, 2008.
Monograpfic exhibition, Rossana Orlandi, Milan 2007.
Orecchietta, dal Design al Gusto Exhibition, Milan 2007.
New Italian Design, Triennale di Milano e Madrid, 2007.
Promosedia Award, Selected by Patricia Urquiola, Udine 2006.
Room X Exhbiition, Habitat Regent Street London 2006.
Model Ideas, Fuori Salone, Industreal, Milan 2005.
Sensi Divini, Triennale di Milano, 2004.
In dust we Trust Exhibition, Milan 2004.
Young & Design Award, Student Prize, 2000.